Final Exams


Final Exam Schedule - June 2022



  1. There will be no regular classes for any students during the week of June 20-27, however, teachers will be at school all week, including Monday, June 20th. Students are welcome and encouraged to meet with their teachers on that day if they are looking for some study assistance.
  2. In addition to the attached exam schedule, the grade 12 students will also be writing their ELA Diploma Exam Part A on June 13, and the grade 11/12 students will be writing their Social Studies Diploma Exam Part A on June 14. Since students are given up to 6 hours to write these exams, they will not have any regular classes on days they write Diploma Exams.
  3. All exams, except the Diploma Exams, will be written in the gym. Diploma Exams will be written in the Music Room to avoid the disruption of other students coming and going. Students are allowed up to 6 hours for these exams, so we want a quiet place for them to work.
  4. Students are expected at school only on the days that they write exams and they are permitted to leave once they have written their exams for that day. We plan to have the buses running on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (June 21,22,23) with an earlier departure time in the afternoon (1:00pm)
  5. Lockers must be completely cleaned out and any stickers/decorations removed before students leave for the summer.
  6. All laptop chargers must be returned to the appropriate location before students leave for the summer.


  1. All students will be required to remain in the gym for a minimum of 1 hour for each exam.
  2. All textbooks must be returned on the day of the examination.
  3. All phones and smartwatches must be placed at the front of the room