Project Playground


• To continue with Phase II of the project which will finalize improvements to Pinnacle Park located on East side of Coaldale.

• Project Playground Coaldale East is a group registered under the Government of Alberta Societies Act.
• We are a group of community volunteers working to help fill a need with the growing infrastructure in the community of Coaldale.

• The improved playground (as completed in phase I - 2017) along with the general community park has already experienced a large surge in patronage.  This playground will be a source of outdoor play activity to the youth of Coaldale who make up 23% of the town's total population.

• To further enhance accessibility to the playground by incorporating a concert path connecting to the city sidewalk.
• To make improvements to the surrounding green space with the provision of landscape aesthetics and a protective environment.
• To remove the gravel under the swing set and replace with a wheelchair friendly rubber surfacing.
• To raise $75,000 by applying for various grants.
• To commence project execution in the Fall of 2018.

• The Coaldale Family Fun Run has pledged to donate $20,000 from the 2018 race! 

• To the Coaldale Christian School for donating a portion of their website to help us promote this great community initiative!
• To the Town of Coaldale, who has supported this town improvement by approving this initiative!
• To all the groups and business who have contributed to Phase I of this project!  See below for more details!


These members supported Phase I of Project Playground Coaldale East, which was
successfully executed in 2017.  Please click on each of our sponsors!